Find the cheapest tickets for the NightJet night train

The NightJet night train is from the Austrian railway company ร–BB. In the Netherlands, you can board at Amsterdam Central, Utrecht Central and Arnhem Central. The train goes through Germany, and stops at Dรผsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich, among others. You can book the train with a final destination Zurich, Innsbruck or Vienna.

Unfortunately, we cannot show the prices of the Nightjet on Locomocheap, but we recommend you to search at NS International. Below you can view the departure dates and times.

All prices

Departure dateTime Book ticket
Friday 29 september19:30 Book now
Saturday 30 september19:30 Book now
Sunday 1 october19:30 Book now
Monday 2 october19:30 Book now
Tuesday 3 october19:30 Book now
Wednesday 4 october19:30 Book now
Thursday 5 october19:30 Book now
Friday 6 october19:30 Book now
Saturday 7 october19:30 Book now
Sunday 8 october19:30 Book now
Monday 9 october19:30 Book now
Tuesday 10 october19:30 Book now
Wednesday 11 october19:30 Book now
Thursday 12 october19:30 Book now
Friday 13 october19:30 Book now
Saturday 14 october19:30 Book now
Sunday 15 october19:30 Book now
Monday 16 october19:30 Book now
Tuesday 17 october19:30 Book now
Wednesday 18 october19:30 Book now
Thursday 19 october19:30 Book now
Friday 20 october19:30 Book now
Saturday 21 october19:30 Book now
Sunday 22 october19:30 Book now
Monday 23 october19:30 Book now
Tuesday 24 october19:30 Book now
Wednesday 25 october19:30 Book now
Thursday 26 october19:30 Book now
Friday 27 october19:30 Book now
Saturday 28 october19:30 Book now
Sunday 29 october19:30 Book now
Monday 30 october19:30 Book now
Tuesday 31 october19:30 Book now
Wednesday 1 november19:30 Book now
Thursday 2 november19:30 Book now
Friday 3 november19:30 Book now
Saturday 4 november19:30 Book now
Sunday 5 november19:30 Book now
Monday 6 november19:30 Book now
Tuesday 7 november19:30 Book now
Wednesday 8 november19:30 Book now
Thursday 9 november19:30 Book now
Friday 10 november19:30 Book now
Saturday 11 november19:30 Book now
Sunday 12 november19:30 Book now
Monday 13 november19:30 Book now
Tuesday 14 november19:30 Book now
Wednesday 15 november19:30 Book now
Thursday 16 november19:30 Book now
Friday 17 november19:30 Book now
Saturday 18 november19:30 Book now
Sunday 19 november19:30 Book now
Monday 20 november19:30 Book now
Tuesday 21 november19:30 Book now
Wednesday 22 november19:30 Book now
Thursday 23 november19:30 Book now
Friday 24 november19:30 Book now
Saturday 25 november19:30 Book now
Sunday 26 november19:30 Book now
Monday 27 november19:30 Book now
Tuesday 28 november19:30 Book now
Wednesday 29 november19:30 Book now
Thursday 30 november19:30 Book now
Friday 1 december19:30 Book now
Saturday 2 december19:30 Book now
Sunday 3 december19:30 Book now
Monday 4 december19:30 Book now
Tuesday 5 december19:30 Book now
Wednesday 6 december19:30 Book now
Thursday 7 december19:30 Book now
Friday 8 december19:30 Book now
Saturday 9 december19:30 Book now
Sunday 10 december19:30 Book now
Monday 11 december19:30 Book now
Tuesday 12 december19:30 Book now
Wednesday 13 december19:30 Book now
Thursday 14 december19:30 Book now
Friday 15 december19:30 Book now
Saturday 16 december19:30 Book now
Sunday 17 december19:30 Book now
Monday 18 december19:30 Book now
Tuesday 19 december19:30 Book now
Wednesday 20 december19:30 Book now
Thursday 21 december19:30 Book now
Friday 22 december19:30 Book now
Saturday 23 december19:30 Book now
Sunday 24 december19:30 Book now
Monday 25 december19:30 Book now
Tuesday 26 december19:30 Book now
Wednesday 27 december19:30 Book now
Thursday 28 december19:30 Book now
Friday 29 december19:30 Book now
Saturday 30 december19:30 Book now
Sunday 31 december19:30 Book now
Monday 1 january19:30 Book now
Tuesday 2 january19:30 Book now
Wednesday 3 january19:30 Book now
Thursday 4 january19:30 Book now
Friday 5 january19:30 Book now
Saturday 6 january19:30 Book now
Sunday 7 january19:30 Book now

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