€ 40 p.p.

Enjoy Antwerp for 4 days ๐ŸŒ‡

17 days ago

Take a four-day trip to Antwerp from Utrecht Central for just 40 euros in September!

About the journey

Your journey to Antwerp begins on September 11, 2023. You depart from Utrecht Central at 06:18 AM and arrive in Antwerp at 08:23 AM. This outward journey costs you just 24 euros. Your four-day Antwerp trip ends on September 15, 2023. You depart from Antwerp at 06:38 AM and are back in Utrecht around 08:39 AM. This return journey costs you just 17 euros. So for a total of 40 euros, you can enjoy four days of all the beauty that Antwerp has to offer.

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Depart fromUtrecht Centraal
Outward journeyMonday 11 september at 06:18.
Arrive at 08:23.
Book for € 24 at NS International
Depart fromAntwerpen (Berchem)
Return journeyFriday 15 september at 06:38.
Arrive at 08:39.
Book for € 17 at NS International

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About the destination

Antwerp is one of the most stylish cities in Belgium. In September, the city is beautiful with the onset of autumn. You can enjoy walking around the beautiful streets and squares. Don't forget to visit the beautiful historic center with its many museums and fascinating architecture. Enjoy the delicious Belgian dishes in the local restaurants and cafes. Antwerp is a city you must visit!

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