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Rail to Europe helps you plan your next train vacation. There are dozens of sites where you can find cheap flights. That's not the case for train tickets. You really have to search for the lowest price yourself.

Rail to Europe has become one of the largest meta-search engines for train travel, and now has the most diverse train travel offer in Europe. From regular intercities to abroad to night trains, and from fully organized package trips to city trips for a weekend away.

This makes it easy to find a train ticket and quickly know how much your trip will cost.

Agencies currently indexes train tickets and citytrip prices at the following agencies Deutsche Bahn, NS International,, De Jong Intra, TUI, GreenCityTrip, NightJet, The Train Traveller, Thalys, Eurostar, SNCF, SBB,, OAD, European Sleeper, Choo Choo, Eliza was here, and soon many more!

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